Common FAQ

Commonly asked questions & answers

We come across various questions from clients. as some are basic and some a bit technical. We have listed down some of the most common ones.

An online directory listing shows the business's complete details, such as business name, phone number, address, location, and website address.
An online presence makes it convenient for your target audience to find your business. This is an inexpensive method to increase your business's digital presence.
There is an option to add multiple locations. You can also add that in the description, or your website link will be placed that will guide the user in a detailed and convenient way.
It is quite simple to create, and make sure to use all the available options to share as much information as you want. You will also have the option to add pictures, so make sure to use that to your advantage.
Yes, you can visit the advertising section on the website. There are different placement options available with package details, so you can choose the one that serves you better. Teamwork Blitz also offers a white-label SEO service that helps your business stand out from the competition.
Yes, your detailed business page will have the option to add your company's website. The user will have the option to directly access your website from the given link. offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for customers' peace of mind and satisfaction.
You can always contact Teamwork Blitz at:, or you can visit our contact us section and fill out the form there, or you can also contact us on our official social media accounts. We are available from Monday to Friday, and we will get back to you within these working days with the answer.
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